Setting Myself SMART Goals

Setting Myself SMART Goals

So the year 2017 is almost coming to a close again.  A lot has happened for me this year and so I review the year at a time of calm quiet reflection (Well almost!).

Before beginning 2017 I started by setting some SMART goals which I have revised as circumstances have changed during the year.  I use SMART goals to support my mental health well being and I also prioritise the goals so if life gets challenging (or easier) I know which are the most important goals to focus on.  Also it gives me purpose and encouragement during the year to work towards and a sense of achievement and accomplishment when I complete a goal.

When setting SMART goals, I try to set goals that reflect my values (as in whats important to me) as best I can as then I am less likely to procrastinate and more likely to work on them.  So what are SMART goals?

An example of a SMART Goal I set this year


  • What needs to be accomplished?
  • Who will be involved?
  • What will take place?
  • Why do I want to do this?


  • How will I know if I have succeeded?
  • How much change needs to occur?
  • Are their steps/milestones to achieving this?


  • Do I have or can I get the resources needed to achieve this goal?
  • Is the goal a reasonable stretch for me?
  • Are the actions I plan likely to achieve success?


  • Does this goal reflect in anyway close to what I value or just what others think?
  • Will it delay or prevent me achieving another important goal?
  • Am I willing to commit to see this goal through even if it’s challenging but I believe in it?

Time Bound

  • What is the deadline for this goal?
  • When do I need to take action?
  • What can I do today?



And from that single goal I built on it by setting more throughout the year and achieved this:

I now think of setting a goal as like planting a plant, some will be duds, others small flowers and like my running (to me) a plant that grew into a tree that bared many fruits.

I set other goals this year as well, some went well and others were disastrous.  However, I survived, accomplished and grew from them.

So with 2018 about to begin I better start prioritising and setting new goals as I found setting some in 2017 so helpful. Maybe the same can work for you?

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