Relapse Prevention Planning

Relapse Prevention Planning

I have Bi Polar Affective Disorder and had a relapse a few months ago.  Since the new year I have been discharged from hospital and have been working on my recovery.  I have returned to my part time job and am back into a healthy routine.  The one main thing I have been aware of is trying to prevent myself from relapsing.

One thing I believe that’s helpful is to complete a WRAP (Wellness Review Action Plan) with your employer. This involves sitting down with your employer disclosing your mental illness (if you haven’t already) and discussing how they can support you in the workplace.  As well as talk about your triggers, coping measures and mitigating action you can take to stay well.  Employer and employee then document this each having a copy each.  The employer may also support a rehabilitation program such as changing and/or reducing your hours so one can steadily ramp up their duties.  I have found all of this helpful.  You can find more information on WRAP here and the video below:

The second thing I did was complete a Bipolar Disorder Relapse Prevention Triangle.

I have found this very useful to analyse my early warning signs, triggers, vulnerabilities and identify management strategies.  For example, one of my early warning signs is neglecting the household and feeling overwhelmed.  A management strategy for this is to prioritise activities and drop unimportant unnecessary activities in order to focus on my health and wellbeing.

I found this site helpful in identifying triggers and vulnerabilities.

The third thing I have maintained for some time for the most party is a mood diary. You can print a mood chart/diary from Bi Polar UK from here.

However I prefer to use an App on my phone called MoodPanda which also has a website here as well.  You simply rate your mood out of 10 on a daily basis and record notes.  10 is mania, 0 is severe depression, with 4-6 being a healthy range.  I have at times exported my charts from Mood Panda into MS Excel to show my doctor how I am getting on.

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