University of Essex FY Project

University of Essex FY Project

  • 1 Apr 2006

My individual final year project during 2005-06 at the University of Essex as part of my BSc (Hons) in Computer Science was ‘An electronic borrowing system using REST’.

The aim of this project was to develop a server side web application using multiple interacting technologies. The technologies used include Apache, PHP, MySQL, REST, HTML and XML.

The application developed facilitates users in storing and sharing their book collection online. This involves a user registering and logging into their secure members account area. The user is able to add books to their collection, delete books, and change the sharing status of their books. Members are able to search the book collections of other members in the pursuit of borrowing and buying books or perhaps to communicate with those of similar interests.

The project takes an incremental development approach using known and valued techniques in software engineering. The report covers the requirements of the application, the design, how it was implemented, testing of the implementation, analysis and evaluation of the managements of the project from conception to conclusion. The report concludes with an analysis of the initial project aims, to an evaluation of possible extensions and finishes with the conclusion of the overall project achievements.

The Project Documentation and Report

The Powerpoint Presentation